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Butter or margarine? 

Yes, you can save money and calories by using a tub of good old Stork, but why do that? It's butter all the way for me! Try it in delicious cupcakes or crumbly cookies and you'll literally taste the difference. Yum!

Elbow grease or hand blender?

You've guessed it! If you're going to consume the extra calories by adding butter to your baking, don't kid yourself by trying to work it off by manually mixing your ingredients. Make life easier on yourself, if possible, and get a hand blender. I got mine for just £5 from Sainsbury's. Save yourself the extra time to eat your creations; life's too short...

Homemade buttercream or shop bought?

Shame on you - homemade, all the way! Do you know how easy it is to whip up your own buttecream? If not, head here (link coming soon...)

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